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About Samples Foods

Samples Institutional Foods was started by my father Ed Samples in May of 1965 in Chamblee, Georgia with three partners. He saw a great need to start a company that wasn’t afraid to mold itself around its customer's needs. He wanted to offer Quality Portion Control products and Frozen Foods to his customer base by meeting their needs - not according to the distributor’s convenience.

My brother and I came to work with dad in the mid seventies, and of course, we both have worked here since we could reach a packing table. Dad had bought out the other investors by the time Joe and I came so we currently operate as a Family - Veteran owned small business.

We take pride in the fact we have not changed our business model since we were founded over 45 years ago. We moved into our new facility in the early seventies and have continued to increase in size ever since.

John Samples

How is Samples Foods Different?

God has blessed this company with a great extended family to assist us in catering to our customers.  We are one of the last true processors still left in downtown Atlanta. When I came to work with dad in 1979 there were eight processors with in a two mile area now there are only two. It saddens me that the Family owned and operated businesses are going by the wayside.

We are inspected by USDA FSIS in our facility on a daily basis. Our HACCP plan covers every area of our production process. This question comes up quite often, "Do all food service companies have HACCP plans monitored on a regular basis by a federal agency?"; The answer is no.

Why Choose Us?

Samples is a Family – Veteran owned small business committed to helping our customers identify what product works best in their facility to help them increase sales and decrease waste.

My dad has always said “You can throw out more with a spoon than you can bring in with a shovel”.

We are one of the last processors still operating that is not afraid to take on the challenge of making new or different products to accommodate the needs of our customer base. We manufacture quality products designed to eliminate waste, decrease preparation time and add consistency to the menu regardless of which cook prepared it. I believe this is a recipe for success.

We pride ourselves in our customer service rating. Our customers always rave over our commitment to being there for them in their time of need.

We only purchase raw materials from USDA FSIS facilities and that are delivered fresh daily. We still use the same formulations and quality requirements that dad started with in the beginning.
We are inspected by USDA FSIS in our facility on a daily basis. Our HACCP plan covers every area of our production process.

We are dedicated to Quality Products and Customer Service Please allow us a chance to earn your business.

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